Warehouse Management

Reduce errors and improve warehouse efficiencies

APEXWare™ Warehouse Management System (WMS) transforms your current warehouse operation to a paperless, real-time operation. With the use of wireless devices APEXWare™ WMS reduces errors, improves worker efficiencies and ensures greater transaction accuracy. Mobile devices such as handheld mobile computers and vehicle mounted computers with integrated bar code scanners ensure accurate and efficient pick and put-away functions. APEXWare™ WMS is a powerful warehouse management system that maintains accurate inventory throughout the warehouse to optimize efficiency.


  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Ensure proper stock rotation and eliminate out-of-date goods
  • Improve traceability by tracking inventory in real-time from receiving to shipment
  • Increase individual employee productivity and reduce labor costs
  • Eliminate the need for yearly inventory counts by scheduling cycle counts and managing inventory in real-time
  • Improve the use of storage space and reduce external storage space costs
  • Decrease picking and put-away time
  • Increase customer satisfaction

APEXWare™ Warehouse Management Functions

APEXWare™ WMS is a feature rich solution that provides the tools needed to maintain exact inventory locations and quantities, direct the picking process, control the receiving process, and enable real-time replenishment. Key features and functions include:

  • Picking

    Multiple grouping rules set up by client enable picking by batch, single grouped orders, case, zone, or pallet.

  • Shipping

    Automatically update inventory levels and verify orders. APEXWare™ WMS updates ERP back-office inventory and invoicing in real-time.

  • Receiving

    Automated ability to receive goods from the supplier into your warehouse locations.

  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

    Manage bills of materials for finished goods, production scheduling, and record and print labels for finished goods at the end of the production line.

  • Stock Rotation Rules

    Stock rotation rules provide FIFO, LIFO, etc. under lot control based on any part of the lot, including expiration or production date. APEXWare™ WMS also provides shelf life and expiration date reporting. A flexible lot designation allows lot codes which can be segmented into key components such as production, expiration date, data code, color, manufactured line and lot.

  • Put Away

    Smooth the process of put-away functions to improve control and make operations more productive and efficient.

  • Cycle Counting

    Perform accurate cycle counting by item or location to ensure proper inventory levels without holding up or halting production.

  • Pick Line Replenishment

    Supports a dynamic and variable pick line with multiple locations per SKU or different units of measure for the same SKU.

  • Tracking and Trace Book

    Products can be tracked on several levels of complexity of lot definition. With efficient EAN 128 case or pallet barcoding, raw components can be traced from finished goods; thus allowing for better tracking and compliance for manufacturer recall response.

  • Warehouse Supervisor Desktop Tools

    APEXWare™ WMS is a sophisticated platform which enables warehouse supervisors to define activity within the warehouse including grouping orders for picking convenience, facilitating loading of transports and labor optimization.

  • Wireless

    Integration of a bar code scanner and mobile devices (handheld computers, vehicle mount computers) reduces errors, enhances productivity, and improves management of your business and resources.

  • RFID

    APEXWare™ WMS can seamlessly integrate RFID requirements into your warehouse.

  • Client Specific Data Fields

    APEXWare™ WMS has enabled features which permit for the creation of user-defined data fields allowing the capture of additional client data when required.

  • Management Reports

    APEXWare™ WMS offers a comprehensive collection of standard management reports to support your everyday decisions. Custom client reports can be developed using Crystal reports.

  • Voice Picking

    Fully voice-driven picking system for hands-free fast picking.

  • Back-End Integration

    APEXWare™ WMS is able to integrate with a variety of backend office systems using our APEXWare™ LiveLink solution.

APEXWare™ LiveLink is a platform-based approach to back-office integration for mobile applications. LiveLink integration is fast, easy and proven, utilizing a visual, drag-and-drop interface to build customized integrations without custom coding. LiveLink complements the APEXWare™ suite of market-leading mobile solutions by seamlessly and flexibly interfacing with existing ERP, CRM, or home-grown back-office systems using enterprise-class technology.Software almacen