Field Service

Effectively manage field technicians and increase efficiency

APEXWare™ Field Service (FS) enables you to capture lost revenue, provide proof of service delivery, reduce inventory shrinkage, and reduce back office administration. A field deployment of wireless handheld devices with integrated bar code scanners enables your business to run completely paperless. APEXWare™ FS is also offered as a hosted model, thus eliminating the need for costly IT infrastructure (on-site server, IT resources).


  • Improve the quality of service
  • Increase field workforce productivity
  • Bar code scanning and signature capture increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage by managing inventory levels in real-time
  • Reduce the service to payment cycle by 60-90 days
  • Web-based portal eliminates the need for a back-end system
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry
  • Improve the control of technician processes in the field
  • Detailed historical work order data helps identify new revenue opportunities
  • Eliminate requirement for yearly inventory counts by tracking in real-time
  • Hosted model reduces start-up costs

APEXWare™ Field Service Functions

APEXWare™ FS is a function-rich application that provides the needed tools to effectively manage mobile field technicians while at the same time allowing them to efficiently perform their jobs in order to better service your customers. Customer work orders are dispatched throughout the day, mobile field technicians complete and invoice work orders and transmit them back to the central office as they are completed. Key features and functions include:

  • Dispatching

    Dispatching work orders to technicians in the field is done on a schedule that makes it easy to see technician availability and is done by simply dragging and dropping onto the appropriate time slot. The work orders are color-coded on the schedule to indicate technician acknowledgement and work order progress.

  • Work Orders

    After technicians have acknowledged the receipt of work orders in the field they can complete the work order as required, including adding materials, time, completing task lists, and confirming equipment and charges used. Signatures can be captured from the customer and images can be captured of parts for order or to capture damages and work area conditions.

  • Time Tracking

    Time added by a technician to work orders can be transferred to a time sheet and submitted to the office electronically.

  • Inventory Tracking

    Each truck's inventory is managed on the mobile device. As items are being added to work orders, loaded from the warehouse, or received from a supplier the inventory levels are updated accordingly. These inventory levels are communicated electronically in real-time to be viewed from the office.

  • Purchasing and Material Requisition

    Technicians can enter purchase orders for items required to be ordered or can enter items they have requisitioned from a supplier while out in the field. These can be linked directly to the work order so they are automatically added—no further steps are required and the items won't be forgotten.

  • Maintenance Contracts

    Contracts can be added that will automatically generate work orders on the contract’s specified interval (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc). This avoids any manual intervention to ensure the work occurs as required.

  • Customer Equipment Tracking

    Each piece of equipment being serviced for a customer and all work performed on the equipment can be tracked so historical work can be pulled quickly by technicians and trending of equipment failures can be supplied to customers for added value.

  • Invoicing and Payments

    Create invoices from work orders with time and materials. Pricing is applied automatically and an invoice can be printed for the customer while at the job site. Payments can also be collected and recorded as required.

  • Integrated GPS Truck Tracking

    Quickly determine the current position of all the vehicles in your fleet without ever picking up the phone again.

  • Data Forms

    Create your own set of questions to collect additional information from the field. These highly configurable sets of questions can be targeted at a specific sub-set of customers or even at your field salesforce themselves.

  • Web Portal Technology

    Log into the APEXWare™ FS system from anywhere in the world to perform tasks, monitor activity and generate reports.

  • Real-Time Communication

    Information generated and collected remotely such as invoices can be communicated back to the office in real-time so they can be reviewed just moments after they are created in the field and then processed immediately.

  • Client Specific Data Fields

    APEXWare™ FS has enabled features which permit for the creation of user-defined data fields allowing the capture of additional client data when required.

  • Management Reports

    APEXWare™ FS offers a comprehensive collection of standard management reports to support your everyday decisions. Custom client reports can be developed using Crystal reports.

  • Online and Offline Functionality

    Mobile devices are capable of functioning with or without a wireless network connection without affecting the technician’s ability to complete their job.

  • Back-End Integration

    APEXWare™ FS is able to integrate with a variety of back-end office systems using our APEXWare™ LiveLink solution.

APEXWare™ LiveLink is a platform-based approach to back-office integration for mobile applications. LiveLink integration is fast, easy and proven, utilizing a visual, drag-and-drop interface to build customized integrations without custom coding. LiveLink complements the APEXWare™ suite of market-leading mobile solutions by seamlessly and flexibly interfacing with existing ERP, CRM, or home-grown back-office systems using enterprise-class technology.